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Perfection ll livein_darkness

60s music, 70s music, 90s music, accents, adrien brody, afi, alcohol, alternative, andy warhol, anne rice, art, art history, astrology, australian accents, bajawalla, basement jaxx, ben and jerrys, big smoke big band, biology, black and white photography, black rockers, bloc party, blondie, bob marley, books, british accents, british bands, carrie, chicago, classic rock, cleaning, clothes, comfort, conan o'brien, concerts, couscous, dancing, daphne loves derby, david bowie, detroit jazz, distant society, england, existentialism, family guy, fashion, film, food, food jammers, foreplay, friends, george clooney, georgia nicholson series, georgia nicolson, harry potter, hot hot heat, indie music, indie rock, individuality, interpol, interracial relationships, italian food, jamaican food, jazz, johnny depp, kill bill, kiss, kissing, literature, london, louise rennison, lupe fiasco, magazines, mika, motion city soundtrack, moulin rouge, movies, music, musicals, nirvana, no doubt, nobu adilman, oasis, ocean's eleven, ok go, pasta, phantom of the opera, picasso, posters, project runway, queen, queen of the damned, radiohead, rants, reading, red hot chili peppers, relationships, restaurants, rock music, royal diaries series, salvador dali, sleep, smashing pumpkins, snuggling, soccer players, spring, the doors, the fairly oddparents, the hives, the smashing pumpkins, the strokes, the vampire lestat, toronto, tv on the radio, vampires, vintage posters, weezer, white stripes, womens rights, yoga, ziggy stardust