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New Year's Resolution: Go Back to Blogging [01|02|12 8:19pm]
My stars! How long has it been since I've updated this thing? Are people still reading blogs? It's not that I've stopped coming to this website. There are two soccer communities that I frequently troll for news, pictures, and other media. I also read my Friend's Page once in a while, since I find other peoples' lives more interesting than mine.

After spending some time thinking and so forth, I've decided to go back to blogging. It's starting to become a dying form of creative release thanks to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets. I miss lj and typing my thoughts for the interwebs.

Now I'm going to give some bullet point updates in life so far:

-I'm still dating my boyfriend Vas. New Year's Eve was our two year anniversary and we couldn't be happier with each other.

-I've started a writing gig with an arts and cultural events website. Basically, I attend and write articles on different arts and cultural events in the city. It's unpaid but I get exposure and free entry into different events.

-My finances suck and I've been searching for new work for a long time. I know it will come; I just have to be patient.

-I left my internship because my boss is an unappreciative ingrate.

-I've been attending alot of art shows in the city. Going to these shows have rekindled my lost passion for the Arts. Actually, I miss walking into a space that is filled with beauty, creativity, and eccentric people. Every time I enter an art gallery, I get this deep, soulful connection with the art on the walls. It sounds weird but yeah, it's true. One of my resolutions for this year is to attend more of these shows because these shows make me happy, deeply happy.

-Over the Christmas holidays, I got food poisoning from the food that I ate at my Dad's house. I couldn't eat solid foods for two straight days. Now I feel better and am eating properly again.

-My brother's girlfriend brought her 20 month old daughter (my niece) to my house on Boxing Day. My baby niece Sadie is so so so beautiful and having her around was so much fun. I love my niece and chasing her around the house and teaching her how to close and open the door was hilarious! She has perfect hair, perfect skin, beautiful full lashes, red pouty lips, blushed cheeks, and fantastic legs. And she's not even two yet! All in all, I love her and I miss her.

That's a pretty comprehensive update. For the next little while, I'll blog maybe once a week just to let the routine of blogging grow on me again. Now I must check up on what else I've missed in the Livejournal world.

Later lovelies!
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Sorry for the lack of updates [06|22|11 9:19pm]
[ mood | sore ]

I'm taking pole dancing classes right now. Needless to say, it is not easy. There is a bruise the size of a cherry tomato on my right knee from attempting the Fireman spin. I know have a growing respect for strippers and professional pole dancers. It's hella fun but jfc (jesus freaking christ for those who aren't familiar with the acronym) it's bloody hard! I'll be going back there on Friday just to practice and perfect my spins, grinds, and booty-slapping moves.

In other news, Robert Kroetsch was killed in a car crash yesterday. It's always sad to see an author leave the earth, whether it's be natural causes or through tragic means. Rest in peace sir. At least he'll be joining bpNichol, Harold Pinter, and other great authors in that great poetry slam in the sky. Was that poetry slam joke inappropriate in this context? Ah well.

I'm just going to leave the article here in case anyone wants to read it.


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Journey to Adulthood [01|14|11 6:15pm]
Yesterday I completed one of my New Year's resolutions. I vowed to myself that I would get a G1 license this year. At first I was so stressed out over the studying for it because I felt as though I wasn't ready. I didn't like having to pay $125.00 for the written test, road test, and five year license. Mostly I was intimidated by the odds of me passing the test. I couldn't get more than eight incorrect answers on the test if I intend to get my G1. That's pretty difficult considering that there are so many rules and signs to remember. When I figured that I would never pass the test and considered postponing it for another year, I got into a fight with my mom and older sister. That fight made me realize that I can't stay in this house for much longer because the atmosphere in here is so toxic, negative, and filled with so much drama and anger. That motivated me to study more and to take the test. So I studied and studied until I took two of the online practice tests and passed. Then I went into the driving test centre yesterday afternoon with my two pieces of i.d. and money in hand. I waited forty five minutes until I could begin the vision test. It wasn't so bad but it did trip me up just a little bit. The lady who was conducting the vision test (very nice lady) didn't warn me ahead of time of the flashing lights on my side. When that was over, I went to the test room, grabbed a test, took a desk, and started writing. At first I was so nervous because I haven't taken a multiple choice in ages. Thank goodness it was multiple choice. I used to slay M. choice formats back in my university days. There was this one question on the test that tripped me up. It was about turning left on a one-way street and which position should you be in when you want to make a left turn. Essentially, one of the keys to passing the G1 is using common sense and studying a bit beforehand. When I finished the test, I sat in the waiting area and waited. The wait was excruciating. I prayed and begged God to let me pass the test. Then the nice lady behind the desk called my name and asked me for my last name. Once I told her my last name, she told me that I passed and that my name was awesome! I breathed a huge sigh of relief at that moment. She gave me my temporary license and my application and told me to wait for my card in the mail within the next four weeks. I left the centre with the biggest smile on my face. I told my boyfriend the news and he was so happy for me. I got home and told my younger sister and she was happy for me. She was inspired to take her G1 test the next day. So that's my tale of how I became a G1 license holder.

I have to wait a year until I can take my road test and get my G2. I have a year to get over my tiny agitation for cars. It's not that I don't like them. I just don't see my tiny self operating a huge machine that has wheels, pedals, and cables. At least not right now. I'm sure I'll change my mind later this year.

There's step one in establishing my independence. Step two is getting a job that pays well and is long term so I can save up some money for a couple of months rent. Step three is moving out of my mom's house and leave behind the torment of living with childish manipulative bullies. And I want to do all of this by the end of 2011. I want to be a happy adult and share a strong happy relationship with my boyfriend. If I stay here then I'm just slowly digging my grave and ruining the best relationship ever.

Let's make 2011 the year of the independent woman who's doing things for herself.

Update: My younger sister just texted me and told me that she failed her G1 test. I'll go with her to another driving test centre so she can take the test again. She's crushed but she's determined to get her G1. I'm proud of her for that.
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[12|31|10 11:17am]
Happy New Year everyone!

I apologize for the lack of entries this year. I can't/won't even make an excuse for my inactivity. All I can say is I'll be making an effort to blog more often in the new year. Now I must go and get ready for my anniversary/new year's eve date with my boyfriend.

Later dudes!
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Writer's Block: Living the dream [08|18|10 2:32pm]
What is your ultimate dream job? Do you think you'll ever live the dream?

I've actually been thinking about this question for the longest time. My ultimate dream job would involve the following:
-Reading books from any genre I choose.
-Writing about chosen book in a short article, which will be read by very few people.
-Shopping. It doesn't have to be for anything in particular as long as I'm shopping.
-Making tv, radio, and webisode appearances.

I don't know if this dream job exist but if it does, I'll be right there with my portfolio, CV, and whatever else needed to land this job.

Speaking of dream job, Within the span of four months, I quit my job at the bookstore, got a new job at a tea store, and then got fired from that job two weeks later. Now I'm unemployed and looking for new work. I've got a job interview tomorrow with the Ontario Conservatory of Music. Hopefully this job will break my bad luck streak when it comes to crappy employment.

Fingers crossed people!
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